Letter from President

Welcome, And Greetings from President of


Welcome, as we Nigerians will say to any visitor to our homes. Yes, you are welcome to our community website of Sacramento Association of Nigerians (SAN), the gathering site of all things Nigerian where you will find all community-driven information, contacts, business outreach, and contacts with relevant Nigerian government, Embassy as well as the teeming local businesses in the Sacramento region of northern California. Here, you will find a reserve of information at your fingertips.

SAN, for those not in the know, was formed in 1991 as a non-profit association by a group of well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians as a way to inform, reposition, and bring meaning to Nigeria’s immense cultural diversity, foods, languages as it continues to provide humanitarian services to all in our new found home.

As such, SAN continues to wax stronger in pursuit of these laudable goals as we continue to bring value to our families, friends and the wider community we serve. And if you aren’t part of this success story called SAN yet, now is the best time to do so for SAN, as an umbrella association of Nigerians can, and continues to make things happen.

While here, please take a moment or two to explore how you can become part of this great association SAN as a member- please see the “Membership” link. And if and when you become a member, plan to join one of these standing committees:

  1. Elections Committee
  2. Financial Committee
  3. Hospitality Committee
  4. Outreach Committee
  5. SAN Business Forum (SBF)
  6. Technology Committee
  7. SAN (Nigerian) Community House/Center

Again, I salute and thank you for visiting our site. And please, do come back again.

Best of regards,

Arinze V. Chukwuneta

President, SAN