Bunmi Awoniyi making history as Sacramento’s first Black presiding Superior Court judge

Bunmi Awoniyi making history as Sacramento’s first Black presiding Superior Court judge (yahoo.com)

February is widely recognized as African American history month. Indeed, l say Hello to everybody who represents the Black Race. America the Beautiful is the land of plenty, very accomodating to all & sundry. The White House is a symbol of Black American History as its wall was built by African American Slaves. President Barrack Obama broke down the barricade and finally we as African-Americans can put our suitcases down, unpack and feel like we have arrived home ☺️
As we take an unblemished look around, we get reminded that
Soul has no color, no shape no form
We all have the right to change perceptions,inspire,empower and Focused ability to show each other how to embrace our various complications in viewing our values & beauty as they arise.
Change in America did not come easy, it happened with willingness of those that were able to stand up for the Truth.Change led to the freedom from Struggles that gave us the right to talk in public, right to sit in any corner of the Bus, right to use any Restroom without demarcation, right to attend School of our Choice, right to VOTE, right to become Politicians & right to the American 🇺🇸 Presidency.
In the Ivy League Schools, we are making waves as Nigerians ( African-Americans ) Top the chart in all major faculties.
Martin Luther King said and l quote
“I refuse to accept the view that mankind’s is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of Racism & War” He only lived for a short Time but his Legacy continues to scream
“ I HAD A DREAM “ His dream turned into reality. Continuing in his steps, In December 2023, a delegation led by Adaogbuehi Chinyere Ibezim-Adom under Nigerians in Diaspora secured December 12th as NIGERIAN-AMERICAN CULTURAL HERITAGE MONTH IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. 👏👏🙌🏽🙌🏽👏👏. I am proudly Nigerian 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
In February 2024, our own sister JUDGE BUNMI AWONIYI made history as she became Sacramento’s first black presiding Superior Court Judge. Join in the Fun as we celebrate this beautiful woman & Nigeria in due course. Your Honor, you will always be a wonderful mentor.
SAN l trust you will rise to the challenge of directing Leadership to the younger ones so that the shining light does not get dimmed.
Happy Black History Month.

Adaogbuehi Chinyere lbezim-Adom
February 2024


On the 3rd Monday of January every year, we pay a Special tribute to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He was a Champion for Justice even as he was detained in a small Alabama prison cell. Dr King answered the call to Love & serve humanity. Indeed, his commitment to Justice is remembered today as a proclamation for Love. Life’s most persistent question is “What are you doing for others?” Food for Thought.
The Historic march for Freedom in Washington will forever be remembered. We ask the Lord to bless the Memory of Dr Martin Luther Jing Junior whose voice continues to ring all over the world stating “ I HAD A DREAM “.

Adaogbuehi Mrs Chinyere Ibezim -Adom


Welcome to 2024, as the LEAP year beckons, we must be mindful of the messages we send to our people as leaders via our words, actions and inactions.

One of the greatest undoings of leaders is nepotism. The other is demagoguery.

You cannot always rationalize or justify giving advantages to your best friends, classmates, school mates, towns people, relatives, members of your church, social club or alumni. No, you can’t!

Where are the youths in this organization? In 10 years, 90% of SAN Members will be 65 & beyond!!!! Are you ready for transition or will extinction be the common exit ? Food for thought

There’s nothing wrong with hiring and promoting such people so long as they are the right people. In other words, people who are qualified, and have the skills to do the job. Otherwise, you’ll demoralize the good people in the organization and eventually lead them to the exit door.

As for demagoguery, the cemeteries are full of of otherwise great leaders who became too high on their own supply that all they could accept was their own position-and choices. To them no one else knew better. They become so powerful and so arrogant that they cannot see or hear the signs of danger.

If you thought 2023 was challenging, get ready for more challenges in 2024. Leading a workforce or managing people generally will get more complicated. Hence, more challenging. People are getting more vocal and more aggressive and some more dangerous.

Before you make that people decision, remember to ask is it fair to all concerned? Am I hiring or promoting the right person.

When you promote the WRONG PEOPLE you have started the process of losing the good people

Please note that THE RIGHT PERSON may not necessarily be the most popular or most liked person but the person who will bring the greatest value to the organization.

I hope these nuggets of information will be helpful to you in 2024 and beyond.

I wish you God’s best in the new year!

Adaogbuehi Chinyere lbezim-Adom
SAN President.

December 1st, 2023

Hon. SAN Members !!!!!
Happy new Month. Our father and our God we are grateful to see this Lovely month, December & year 2023 rolling to an end. ( 30 days to go )
Your inspirational word said in
Romans 9:16. “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” Thank you for your mercy over our lives.
This Month of December will bring good tidings to us, May your Mercy and Grace overshadow our weakness and persons. May good news become our identity from now henceforth. We started this month with good health may we end it with good health, sound mind and spirit!
All this I pray through Christ our lord Amen! . Compliments of the Season

Madam President


According to American History in 1918, the fighting of World War 1 ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. November 11th became a universally recognized day of celebration. Originally it was known as Armistice Day and only honored Veterans who fought in that War. In 1954, It was declared VETERANS DAY to honor all veterans who served America in war and defended democracy.
Today, we toe the Line to honor all veterans who unselfishly placed their lives on the line for our freedom. We remember their great deeds and salute all those who are currently fighting the war on Terrorism for our Freedom. The Freedom we enjoy on American Soil cannot be taken for granted, we pray that such Freedom be obtained in our Motherland Nigeria as it passes through Challenging Times.
The defence of Freedom is not just for those in the military, each of us have a part to play. The power of the Tongue is Swift & deadly, Utilization in the positive direction will ensure us as great Mentors for the younger generation.

God bless America
Adaogbuehi Chinyere Ibezim- Adom
SAN President

Hon. SAN Members!!! Greetings to you & your respective families. The NIDC event took place on Saturday. We had a swell time as it was graced by our elderly & younger generations. It was invigorating to watch a promising young Man, born & bred in Nigeria, immigrated to the United States, educate us on how we can join the process and get involved in the American Government System, as our Keynote Speaker. Watch out for him on the ballot papers as we vote next year for those that will be representing us. Everywhere we go as Nigerians, we excel! It is nice to state that we are getting involved politically, right here in America where we have all chosen to call home as well.
We had a beautiful Fashion Show anchored respectively by Mrs Ijeoma Ogwudire & Mrs Angela Eboigbe. ( feed your eyes ) We had the Traditional Masquerade dance group with lots of fun, Food & drinks. In this turbulent times as lots of people ask, why do we have to celebrate Nigeria? Hmmm!!! We are people of different ethnic & cultural group stretching from the North to the East, anchored by the South & West who are bound together to defend our Unity & uphold her honor & glory, so help us God. Focus point, Together we can make NIGERIA GREAT AGAIN if you believe.

Adaogbuehi Chinyere Ibezim- Adom

Madam President


Hon. SAN MEMBERS & Fellow Nigerians happy 63rd independence day to all of us in the Diaspora and home.
I will love everyone of us to reflect on the dangers of disunity, how it weakens our bond and strength as a nation. regardless of our religion, culture, political affiliations and academic status. Let us hope for the best and strive to make Nigeria a better place for Nigerians and everyone else.
Our founding fathers fought hard for this nation to come into existence. It’s our turn to make it better for the next generation.
May the healing power of God be upon every individual, community and the nation. May the Lord give Nigeria a thorough renovation, working a true healing inside and out. May he
reveal to us the abundance of peace (prosperity, security, stability) and truth . Happy Independence and Happy New Month to us all.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Adaogbuehi Chinyere Ibezim- Adom
SAN President


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. committed his brief stay on earth living and loving like Jesus Christ.

In spite of the hate during
his lifetime, he loved the unlovable. He showed love to his haters. Dr. King was assassinated at the age of 39.

Our world is a better place today because
of the SEED OF LOVE Dr. King sowed!

Let’s celebrate love, as we celebrate MLK today on the anniversary of his birth. Dr. King would have been 94-year-old today.

Dare to love the unlovable. Love those who do not love you.

As Nigerian -Americans, we celebrate an ICON of his time, Martin Luther King, who in 1963 had a real DREAM . He verbalized that the dangers of 1963 had so many March for freedom. In his words “ Colored Americans were still sadly crippled by the manacle of segregation and the chains of discrimination.” “They dare to dream different, the hunger for purpose led to the first step of Justice.”
Nigeria is facing the same fate @ this time. We need a flicker of light in the Tunnel of despair. We are poised to save Nigerian from looming calamity. The blood of the END SARS YOUTH seeping down the National flag will never be forgotten until Redemption becomes our true Identity.
The New Nigeria will be a symbol of renewed hope for our fragile nation. On this solid ROCK we stand as one NATION bound in FREEDOM, HOPE & UNITY !!!

Adaogbuehi Chinyere Eze

Greetings to all our
Today as we Nigerians in DIASPORA gather with friends and family, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.

Indeed, it is a hopeful time to celebrate the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Though 2022 was difficult for most people secondary to inflation effects I implore you all to look ahead to 2023 with the knowledge that better days await us.
Yes, the challenges were great, each of us dared to rise and meet them accordingly.
We must reflect on the positive aspects of Nigerians in DIASPORA We look forward to celebrating our youth whom we hope will take over the affairs of SAN as we age gracefully. We strive to have a voice and the ability to be part of a GREATER & BETTER Nigeria. I bless God for we witnessed the birth of new babies, marriage ceremonies of our young ones, and celebrated our elders in life. We will continue reaching out and checking on the elderly ones & less privileged in our midst as part of our welfare commitment.
It is the spirit that has kept the Nigerian dream alive for generations and it is the same spirit that will keep Nigerians in Diaspora alive for generations to come.

Again, the opportunity to make our country Nigeria a better place, by voting for the right president is a few weeks away, for most of us I am sure we care who becomes the next president of Nigeria.
Fundamentally, democracy is about values.
It is about recognizing the dignity of all people, that everyone should have an equal say in society ­no matter the religion, the tribe, ethnicity, who their parents are, or what position they hold.
However, the privilege to exercise our rights is now, we can put to stop the happenings in our country by voting for the right president who will defend us, protect our children from being kidnapped and raped, protect our brothers from being murdered, protect our country’s economy from those who selfishly steal from public funds while in the office.
Ladies and gentlemen, fewer and fewer people are enjoying freedom and democracy in Nigeria, rather than building a great nation most Nigerians are running away all in the name of” Japa” looking for greener pastures elsewhere.
The purpose of this forum is for us to support maximumly the best candidate who is qualified, a man who is not tribalistic nor a religious fanatic to become the next president of Nigeria. I use this opportunity to introduce PETER OBI of the LABOUR PARTY he is the messenger of God that will initiate repairs of this broken-down Nigeria.

Thank you and happy New Year.
Adaogbuehi Chinyere Eze

Hello my beloved brothers and sisters of the Sacramento Association Of Nigeria in Sacramento, I want to use this opportunity to welcome every one of you into the beautiful month of October 2022 and also the 62nd independence celebration of our great country Nigeria.

Nigeria is a very beautiful country full of diversities, blessed with different religions, ethnicity but at the same time, we all have something in common, no matter where you come from or where you reside we are all Nigerians, It is this common thread that binds all of us together and inspires us to walk together with the spirit to make Sacramento Association and Nigeria at Large a safe country free from terrorism and corruption. We all indeed reside in the United States of America but our loved ones are back home in Nigeria, so we should pledge our support, pray, and give everything we can for the sake of the safety, security, progress, and prosperity of our country. We must remain determined to preserve all that makes us happy and bio-diversity is our duty towards our children because they are the future of tomorrow.

At the core of the transformation, we have been witnessing in healthcare and education. My team and I will ensure that everything we stand to achieve before the end of this year is achieved.

 a) On July 23rd, 2022 our association organized a business symposium and celebrated the youths who have graduated from high school, University, and postgraduate studies. It was indeed a colorful event that lit the faces of our younger generation who made us proud academically and those who got promoted in their different endeavors

b) we will extend continuously welfare checks on the elderly amongst us.

c) Coats for all children in the winter.

d) Increased Membership since inception in January 2022.

The great future of SAN is in the extension of a caring and loving hand to our younger generations, this will enable and increase our membership. We must be open to innovations as our children are far more knowledgeable and up-to-date in today’s world.

To further projects aimed at giving our youths their voice, we want to empower them. We want them to thrive on political well informed decisions so we can elect those that will promote technology,  good governance and security in Education, medicine and other infrastructure developments. They will thrive here in America and also in Nigeria where democracy is hanging on a thin decaying balance right now. We want to also keep ourselves engaged and ready to pull diaspora together to educate and erradicate  all these unethical and ill-advised leaders we currently have running rogue.

Finally, this is only the beginning my brothers and sisters. A series of reforms and initiatives will be introduced from excellent minds within us to grow this great Association. My regime is open,  and will not restrict anyone within the association who has good information that will grow the association because this administration is aiming at preparing the future generation also reconnecting them to our heritage.

Adaogbuehi Chinyere Eze



UPDATE ON COVID-19Dear Brothers and Sisters,I hope you and your families, wherever they are, are all doing well. Nothing is more important right now than the health and safety of our members and the community we serve. Therefore, due to the current situation in the country and around the world, and in compliance with the advice of CDC and healthcare professionals for social distancing, we have canceled physical monthly meetings.However, because we have so many important projects in flight, we have decided to attempt our virtual (Online, General Meeting) so you can call in from home or wherever you happen to be. No guarantee how well it will go, but we’ll try.  In the meantime, we should be prepared that some or all activities planned for this year will be impacted as a result of the coronavirus. To what extent, we do not know yet. For now, we know:

  • The coalition of SAN, NAPAC-California, CAPCR, CAUD and PRONACO-USA decided to suspend plans for the Information Forum on the Visa/Travel Ban, which we had previously targeted for April 4th. The team will continue to gather information and regroup in a month.
  • The Special Event to recognize our high government appointees has been cancelled until further notice
  • We hope that impacts on other activities planned for later in the year, such as the Youth event, Passport Event, 4th of July, and Nigerian Independence will be minimal.

Please stay tuned for more information on the virus and any impacts on our events and our community. I wish you all the best in this challenging time. We pray for all of us, our host country, our country of origin and the world. Keep up your faith, stay positive, and adhere to all recommended cautionary safe behaviors and practices.

Stay Blessed!!